The first step is to recognize the client’s business requirements. We examine the requirements and create  a strategy to implement the project.


Our team of enthused designers create a design based on the clients preferred color selections and the company’s branding guidelines.


After the design is prepared and approved by the client. We work on the development where all the features are executed.


After successful testing, we work on positioning the project on the live environment. The website is now live for communal access.

Our best works at a glance

We love what we do and we try our best to make it lovely for everyone

Graphic Design

77 InfoTech is committed to delivering the state-of-the-art graphics to make your brands more noticeable, heard and known in the desired audience segments. We craft the most intuitive graphics to create the most appealing brand experiences.

Graphic design offers visual communication using graphic elements such as type, photos, or illustrations. For companies, graphic design is extremely important—it promotes brand recognition and awareness, engaging your target audience and allowing them to become part of your brand’s story.


We at 77 InfoTech value your brand and make it look offbeat with our services. We focus on easiness, usability and newness of a brand and present it to the customers in the most affected manner. We will work closely with you to create visuals which will look exactly like you want.

Website Design

Web design is the art of producing an excellence website, whether it be for desktop or mobile, that incorporates the fundamental elements of your brand. Your site should make your job easier by presenting your customers an easy-to-navigate space where they can find what they need or want in a snap. Led by a team of far-sighted professionals who strive to produce cutting edge results, our designers collaborate with the marketing team, strategy, and development, to produce a website that can help you dominate your field.


A Good Website leads to good business and that’s what makes us design websites with passion. We have a detailed procedure outlined with best practices to design the handpicked websites for our clients. We also have a committed team of experienced web designers who can craft out spectacular websites with the most recent tools and techniques.

Content Creation

Content is a medium which formulates a strong link between a brand and your target audience. A decent content can craft your way to success, while poor content may even destroy your best marketing policy.

A brand always needs freshly generated content to progressively improve engagement with its customers. With worthy content, clients are able to communicate through powerful and strategic solutions to engage and educate their audience.

Words written by our content writers are easy to understand and includes all the important information that readers generally look for. We know how to connect a brand to its customers with strategic and high-quality writing. We at 77 InfoTech always ensure that our content explains your brand and hence it goes through a lot of quality checks before it is published.

Web Development

Web development is executed after the design stage is achieved and when a website is finally ready to be constructed with all of its desired features completed. Basically, development makes all of those images created by designers come alive and thrive on screen, whether it be mobile or PC based. At 77InfoTech, we use custom designs to fit the needs of our clients and help build their brand.


Developing a website means being able to provide a cutting edge display with improved usability. By offering custom web development services, our clients can be sure that their vision remains clear, and their brand grows with them in a way that feels trustworthy. For a website that has an E-commerce focus, we confirm that company locations are visible, products are easy to find, and transactions run effortlessly.


Even after the project is complete, we make sure the client has access to make changes necessary so their brand can grow and adjust with the market as needed. This makes communication between the client and web development company simple and down-to-earth.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing refers to any online marketing struggles or assets. Pay-per-click advertising, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization are all the perfect examples of Digital Marketing Agency.

Social media marketing is the process of gaining brand awareness or increasing website traffic through social media sites. Consumers are heavily immersed in all social media platforms, and brands can easily reach them by getting involved in the conversation.

PPC is also referred to a keyword advertising since specific words, commonly known as keywords, trigger these ads to appear when searched. These keywords are bid on by advertisers and the search engine ranks the ads based on how relevant and valid they are.

SEO is used to increase the likelihood that people who are interested in your website content find it when they type a query into a search engine. If that sounds great to you and you’ve decided you want SEO services, you’ve come to the right place.

Email marketing is the utilization of email to foster the relationship between a business and its customer base. More simply put, we want you and your customers to have fantastic communication.

Why Using Our Services

Our innovative approach to marketing automation is part of a proprietary formula designed to achieve maximum ROI through the continuous lead generation and nurturing, precision re-targeting, and detailed campaign analytics. We will set up and manage a targeted email marketing campaign aligned with marketing goals. At 77InfoTech, we’ll take care of needs, Experts from every department offer insights to create powerful content capable of making an impact on your industry. For example, as we strive to increase social media engagement, we are also mindful of SEO practices, reputation management practices, and strategic branding opportunities, which are guided by their respective departments. This interconnected process allows us to formulate diverse social media solutions for your business while also being mindful of your other digital goals.

We offer 24/7 Support
We offer 24/7 Support
We offer 24/7 Support
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Reliable & Fast Servers
Reliable & Fast Servers
Reliable & Fast Servers
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Community Based Solutions
Community Based Solutions
Community Based Solutions
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